It is absolutely a natural desire for a person to look their very best and strive to achieve their version of the perfect image. But nature does not always cooperate or provide the features or attributes that fit that image of what an individual believes to be the best appearance possible for them. But now, plastic surgery can help you realize your aesthetic ambitions. The number of people who choose to seek out a reliable plastic surgeon is on the rise, where they are eager to correct their body or face.

These surgeries have long been viewed as a female-targeted field that provides a way for patients to realize the desired enhancements they seek through various procedures. But in recent years, the field has seen an influx in the number of male patients seeking a nip, a tuck, or assistance with their pursuit of the youthful look to remain competitive in the workforce. The most sought-after procedures for the male client are liposuction/body sculpting around the waist and abs, rhinoplasty, gynecomestia (male breast reduction), and eyelid surgery (the removal of excess skin) to create a more “refreshed” appearance. As men get older, exercise is not always enough to melt away their fat that settle around the waist, so liposuction and body sculpting are becoming a popular option for men to surgical alteration route.

Women remain the primary client for cosmetic surgery, eager to improve upon their current attributes through plastic surgeon. A surgeon who is entrusted to perform any of these procedures should be board certified through The Council of Plastic Surgeons, be highly skilled, have years of experience, and possibly be a council member of LEAD (Leadership, Experience and Development in Breast Augmentation). They should have a portfolio of patients who are willing and eager to display their post-surgery results as a testimonial to plastic surgeon. Certificates of the Medical School/ University they attended should be proudly on display and their credentials freely shared with any patient considering use of their services.

Cosmetic surgery can assist in building self-esteem, confidence, and self-respect. Many people suffer through their teen years with acne scars, a nose that feels awkward to them, with breasts that are too large, too small, or misshapen, or numerous other issues that make their life seem difficult to navigate on a daily basis. Of course, a plastic surgeon can offer relief to these people through their skill and knowledge of cosmetic surgery.

A lot of models and actresses across the world are speculated to have underwent plastic surgery in order to enhance their breast size and make them look more attractive and sexy for the showbiz. These enhancements are not usually made public and mostly left for the speculation of the viewers to guess whether the big breast size is natural or the blessings of the cosmetic plastic surgery treatment. There are many American actresses in the list including Leigh Allyn Baker , who has always remained mysterious regarding her big breast size whether she underwent a plastic surgery to enhance her assets or not. Apart from being a famous actress, she was also a voice artist and a film director as well.

She worked in a various movies but is most popularly known for her famous role of ‘Hannah Webster’ in the hit television series called ‘Charmed’. Leigh Allyn Baler married Keith James who is also an executive in the entertainment industry and they have two sons called Griffin and James. Leigh Allyn Baker stands 5’2 feet, weigh 128 lbs with overall statistics of 36 /25 /37 and bra size being 36 C caused many to raise their eyebrows speculating the possibility of a plastic surgery not just because of her big breast size but for the fact that if it is natural, then how did she maintained such a dense and pair of breasts being a mother at 42 years of age.

A lot of pictures have trended over the internet wherein she wears low cut dresses that elegantly flaunts her breasts glamorously and they appear to be firm and naturally dense without the support of a push up bra. Her big and firm breasts are the biggest reason of the controversies because she gave birth to two children and unlike women in their forties, her breasts do not appear saggy. She doesn’t appear to need the support of push up or padded bra’s to keep her boobs in shape.

Leigh Allyn Baker was always known to have been blessed with sexy boobs at the peak time of her career as an actress in the glamor industry and there have never been any confirmed reports of a plastic surgery ever amidst all the speculations of breast implants. She herself has also remained quiet on this topic and hence the mystery over her big and firm breasts being a result of cosmetic implants via plastic surgery or natural blessings from the god still remains unclear.


Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery whereby damaged or missing skin and body tissues are repaired or replaced due to injury, medical conditions and birth disorders. Cosmetic surgery, the most popular form of plastic surgery, is actually the main aim of the procedure. The primary purpose is to try and bring back the functioning of the body tissue in question to as normal as possible. Appearance comes second.

Why plastic surgery?

Correcting areas where cancerous cells have been removed. The most common body parts for this include; the face, neck and the breasts.

Repairing deformity caused by birth issues such as big growths on the arms, legs, the face that become too distractive to work normally with.

Replacement and correction of parts that have been badly injured or ripped off during accidents such as fires, vehicle accidents and other injuries.

Used to enhance appearance and beauty thereby boosting the self-esteem of the person.

Plastic surgery techniques

Depending on the condition being treated, plastic surgery can happen in an array of techniques. However, there are three main types to which all sorts of surgeries can be narrowed.

Skin Grafts – This is a procedure that involves replacing part or the whole of the part that has been damaged with a muscle tissue from another area. This one is safe as the new tissue on the replaced part comes from the same person’s body; hence the risk of contracting diseases is low. The donor body parts include; the back of the thigh and the buttock.

Skin Flap Surgery – this one involves the transferring a living piece of tissue, including its blood vessels, from one body part to another one that has been damaged. The reason behind the name ‘skin flap’ is because the replacement tissue remains attached to its original place as the procedure takes place.

Tissue Expansion – to reconstruct the nearby damaged area, muscles from surrounding tissues are stretched towards it. This way, the body is said to ‘grow’ extra skin.

These three are the main methods but generally, there are a lot other techniques through which surgeons perform the operation. They include; Camouflage Make-up, Vacuum Closure and use of Cream and Prosthetic Devices.

Plastic surgery risks

It has not always turned out to be a successive operation once it is commenced on. Some end being total mess-up, even worsening the bad situation. Giving credit where it’s due, though, most of the procedures end up as planned. The extent of risk largely depends on the scale of the surgery, medical history of the patient and the doctor’s experience. The common risks include; infections from donor to recipient and failure of tissue compatibility.

Cosmetic surgery is a rapidly growing area of healthcare that involves improving an individual’s appearance. In year 2010, the American Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that over thirteen million procedures were performed. The most popular procedures are eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and liposuction.

But why is the demand for cosmetic surgery skyrocketing by the day? There are myriad reasons why people undergo plastic surgery, but the most obvious is that, nowadays, people want to look good. People are willing take any risk and pay any price for beauty.

The improved appearance comes with many benefits. The people’s attitude toward themselves improves. This is essential for boosting self-confidence. American Psychology Association reported that people feels better about themselves after cosmetic surgery resulting to improved self-image and general well-being.

Plastic surgery in most cases provides more permanent and better outcomes faster compared to other alternatives available. For example, in weight loss, weight loss surgery can and do provide results faster that dieting and practicing. In some cases, cosmetic surgery is the only way to achieve a particular goal. The examples of such cases are changing the skin color and getting rid of permanent scars on the skin. For more info please visit:

In conclusion, it’s clear that although the benefits of plastic surgery are numerous, there are a number of risks involved. The advantages and risks can be physical or emotional. There should, therefore, be a case for case evaluation of the merits and the demerits before undertaking or undergoing a cosmetic surgery.There are, however, several risks associated with cosmetic surgery. The physical risks are common to any form of surgery, and they include the likelihood of the blood clot, anesthesia malfunction, tissue death, incomplete healing, infection and loss of sensation among others. Emotional risks may arise in case the desired goals are not attained. Unsatisfied patients may experience periods of isolation, depression and anger towards their doctors.